We’re 100% committed to producing UK manufactured memorials alongside our existing granite memorials 
We’re committed to using local companies and UK sourced materials, including Cornish Granite and Westmoreland Slate, as well as porcelain and natural materials. Our in-house design and creative team can provide options to suit all budgets to enhance any Garden Of Remembrance. 
Reduced environmental impact 
Bereavement therapy 
Conservation and biodiversity 
UK sourced and manufactured 
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A chance to say goodbye 


The Rustic Postbox has been created with environmental impact in mind. 
We’ve been working on this and various other projects, with local craftsmen within a quarter mile of our own premises using UK sourced materials. 
The carpentry is provided by Humber Wood Recycling. Their volunteers give reclaimed timber a new lease of life and their proceeds go to Dove House Hospice, who have been providing palliative care to the Hull community for 40 years. 


The benefits of writing by hand 
There are many studies which show that the simple act of putting pen to paper has many therapeutic benefits. That’s why we’re encouraged to ‘keep a journal to boost mindfulness’. 
Hand written notes or letters to lost loved ones can help reduce stress, anxiety & depression, as well as improving creativity & memory. 
Speak to us about our seasonal boulder postbox range with interchangable fronts. 


Bereavement Therapy 
Grief will affect all of us, and it’s overwhelming. One way of helping us cope is by writing letters to those we have lost. 
For hundreds of years people have expressed their deepest feelings with pen & paper, allowing us, in a small way, to begin to understand them. 
It doesn’t have to be poetic. It doesn’t even have to be spell-checked. You can share your highs & lows, jokes & stories, whatever helps to feel that sense of connection. 


The plight of our native pollinators is well documented. Quite simply, they need our help. 
Creating a wildflower garden with biodegradable letters and carefully selected seeds will give valuable support to the bees, butterflies & moths that we are so dependant on for our crops, fruits & natural environment. 
As well as incorporating a landmark or historical feature, we will liaise with local conservation groups to highlight endangered species through drawings on your envelopes and also on the boxes themselves. 
The Rustic & Beehive post boxes have embossed illustrations & information panels which can be used to make wax rubbings. 
The Beehive also features the ‘I Forget You Not My Darling’ verse in braille. 

Cornish DeLank Granite 

With exclusive rights to Cornish DeLank Granite, we are able to offer our granite memorials such as our ever-popular Sanctum 2000 in UK sourced materials. 
The ability to specify Cornish Granite alongside other materials such as slate and porcelain is in line with our commitment to providing sustainable sources of stone for our memorials. 
When in the morning’s misty hour, when the sun beams gently over each flower; 
When thou dost cease to smile benign, 
And think each heart responds with thine, 
When seeking rest among divine, 
Forget me not. 
Ann Plato 
When I smell spring flowers or freshly cut grass, 
When I hear the ocean or the rustle of Autumn leaves, 
When the Robin, bee & butterfly come to visit, 
When I see a glorious sunset, sunrise or starry night, 
When I’m kissed on the cheek by a snowflake or a summer breeze, 
I forget you not my Darling x 
Victor Laszlo 


Download our current product brochure, featuring our full range of crematorium memorials. Please note that the size of the file is 20mb and is in PDF format. 
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