Welcome to CBCE with The Columbaria Company, we are delighted to be here again for another fantastic year with all you fantastic people! We really hope you get stuck in with everything to take in and visit this year, it’s shaping up to be a good one. 
We are excited to bring some cutting-edge products and designs to the conference this year. From our brand new Birch Memorial Tree to an exciting new range of metal friezes, we are thrilled to share our new products. Our designers Alan and David and our newest team-member Izzy are on-hand and happy to discuss any questions you may have about anything on show. 
Speaking of our designers, come check out Alan in his live Paul O’Grady memorial engraving. Come watch a piece of art formed in front of your very eyes throughout the whole conference! 
We hope you have a brilliant conference, again - come talk to us about anything! 
Day 2 of CBCE! 
Good morning everybody! Welcome to day 2 of CBCE, we have an exciting day ahead of us! 
At 12 we have a seminar “Getting to Grips with ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)” - an important dive into the buzzword of our era. Hosted by Horizon Cremation, taking us through their first ‘ESG Report’ learn how you can get to grips with carbon policy, making a better deathcare industry for the planet. 
At 2pm we have a trip to the Test Valley Crematorium, seeing the cutting-edge design in crematoria. And finally today the much anticipated (and delicious!) banquet! Be sure to be at the pre-dinner networking in Beefy’s bar from from 19:15. 
And most exciting (to us anyway..) see the continued progress on Alan’s live Paul O’Grady engraving. It’s looking stunning already if we do say so ourselves! 
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